The ZULU Crew

We are ZuluParty !

ZULU is a collective of 4 friends bounded by the passion of electronic (dance) music. The adventure started in 2004 when they decided to combine every member's talent under a unique concept: ZuluParty.

Zulu used to play in famous clubs in the  french part of Switzerland ( LoftClub and MAD in Lausanne, Paradox in Neuchatel, Living room Yverdon, Mecca Club in Prague).

Booking & Infos

    Fabio Fabiano
Manager, organizer.
aka's: "Direttore"

Lester DJ
DJ (house, vocal house, trance)
aka's: Daniel "Lester" Fernandez

DJ Djive
DJ (drum&bass, house, techno)
aka's: The Micy Zulu Mouse

Kameren J
DJ (drum&bass, house, techno)
aka's: DJ 10, Technical, Lionites v3.0 © 2007-2009 "BE ZULU!"